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Nacsport Basic is a video editing tool which has been especially designed to analyze any sports video in detail, just like they do on sports news channels or sporting events.

The program lets you draw marks on the video to signal the direction of the players, highlight part of the video while darkening the rest of it, or organizing groups of different clips in order to present them to an audience (especially useful for coaches presenting videos to their players).

The latest program is, in fact, called Nacsport Training (included in the base program, which allows users to create, organize and manage all of the training sessions, classes, or preps using video presentations.

One of Nacsport Basic's main pillars and what differentiates it the most from other similar programs is that it allows its users to enjoy all of its features without requiring any video editing or other specialized knowledge. All you need is a little time to learn the basics and that's it.

Nacsport Basic is a program that is directed to people who are in the sports industry and who will enjoy a useful and easy to use tool.

30 day trial period.

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